Georgie by Curtis Stone is a restaurant rooted in tradition - a nod to times past when concepts like community, honoring the land and celebrating artisans mattered. With a dedication to exceptional hospitality, details that promise to awaken the senses, and a commitment to not only using the best product available, but to ensuring our choices are intentional and environmentally responsible, we inspire to provide a restaurant and dining experience that is unparalleled.


Curtis and Luke Stone were first exposed to livestock farming on their grandmother Gwen's farm, which instilled in them great respect for the process of raising animals for food.

The brothers each started their careers in a butcher shop, before Curtis went on to cook in Michelin-starred restaurants while Luke honed his business acumen as the owner and manager of a corporate florist business in Australia.

Before the brothers and restaurateur Stephan Courseau opened Georgie, Curtis opened his first solo restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills followed by the opening of Gwen, Curtis and Luke's first joint-venture.

The Stone Brothers
Stephan Courseau

Stephan has spent more than 30 years working in various leadership roles in the restaurant business. Along with working for notable restaurateurs / chefs including Alain Ducasse, Daniel Boulud, and Jean Georges Vongericthen, one of Stephan’s earliest positions was as General Manager of the original Le Bilboquet in New York. In 2011, Stephan and his wife, Daniele, moved to Dallas with the purpose of opening the second location of Le Bilboquet, a NYC institution that Stephan used to work for. After successfully establishing Le Bilboquet as a Dallas mainstay, Stephan & Daniele applied their cultivated design aesthetic coupled with a hands-on approach to hospitality and opened their second restaurant, Up On Knox, in 2017.

For their third restaurant, Stephan was looking to bring the type of flawless execution he had witnessed when working for amazing Chefs and have an elevated menu coupled with an ethical meat offering, including a butcher shop. This led him to Curtis Stone and his partner & brother Luke, who had already successfully used these components at Gwen Restaurant & Butcher Shop.


"The best place to work and the best place to eat"

We are passionate about this statement. We are a proud team that continually learns, teaches and refines. We genuinely care and respect our guests.

Jared Givens

General Manager / Wine Director

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After joining Stephan’s restaurant group in 2017 as a Server at Up On Knox, Jared quickly established himself as valuable member of the leadership team becoming a Manager then ultimately Wine Director for all of Stephan’s restaurants. At Georgie, Jared serves as the General Manager.

Edward Goemans

Managing Partner

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Following fourteen years working in the film industry, most recently as Vice President of Production at Paramount Pictures where he oversaw the day-today operations of numerous large scale motion pictures including School of Rock, Four Brothers, & Nacho Libre, Edward decided to pursue his dream of working in the restaurant business. To gain critical first-hand experience in the food business, Edward spent three years working as a server at Bolsa, a farm-to-table restaurant, and then in 2013 met Stephan Courseau who asked him to help open the Dallas location of Le Bilboquet as its Manager. Edward ultimately became the GM of Le Bilboquet and currently serves as Director of Operations for all of Stephan’s restaurants. At Georgie, Edward is the Managing Partner.

Christian Dortch

Executive Chef